iTunes Folder Watch

iTunes Folder Watch 2.1.08

Automatically add your music to iTunes


  • Updates iTunes immediately with new music
  • Works quietly in the background


  • Doesn't tell you when iTunes library is being updated


While iTunes is an amazing music management application, it's not great when it comes to importing tracks from your hard drive to the iTunes library.

Normally if you want to add music files to the iTunes library there are only two options - you have to add them manually or let iTunes store files on your system folder. iTunes Folder Watch is constantly on the lookout for new tunes that have been added to your hard drive and then automatically adds them to your iTunes library. The program runs in the background and doesn't actually indicate when it's working or triggered but you will notice that files have been added to your iTunes library. It works basically as a background process although you can bring it into the foreground if you choose. Note that you'll need iTunes version 6 or above for iTunes Folder Watch to work correctly. In this trial version, some folder management features have been disabled and you are bugged by a nag screen to purchase an upgrade to the full version. The licence key that they give you also works with iTunes Album Browser so if you do upgrade, you're effectively getting two programs for one.

If iTunes is not managing your newly added music the way you wished it would, then you may find this program hits the spot.

This program is a companion for iTunes on Windows. Are you frustrated that iTunes does not automatically detect new tracks in certain nominated folders and add them to the library automatically?

This program does exactly that. It allows you to set up "Watch Folders" and to evaluate whether there are any new tracks in them which do not exist in iTunes, and allows you to add them selectively or fully automatically.

iTunes Folder Watch


iTunes Folder Watch 2.1.08

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